Bohemian bandana

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bandana summer bohemian

The Bohemian bandana is handmade with love and is made of 100% cotton fabric, it is soft comfortable and stylish. The bandana attaches by making a double knot.

The bandanas are handmade and may vary slightly by 0.5 cm.

To know the size of your pet, measure its neck circumference.

Size guide :

➵ Small: up to 24 cm around the neck. (Example: pinscher, chihuahua, cat, basset hound, cavalier king charles,...)

➵ Medium: up to 45 cm around the neck. (Example: Shiba inu, Pomeranian, French bulldog, cocker spaniel, Australian shepherd, border collie,...)

➵ Large: up to 55 cm around the neck. (Example: German Shepherd, English Bulldog, White Swiss Shepherd, Chow Chow, Husky, Leonberger,...)

➵ Extra large: from 55 cm around the neck (Example: Argentine Dog, Malamute, bullmastiff)

»» Care: Machine wash at 30 degrees synthetic cycle, air dry then iron with minimum heat.

Nothing is indestructible, once your order has been received you are responsible for its use.

Pattern layout may vary from picture as it depends on die cut.