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corde laisse couleurs

This marvelous ultra-thin ultra-light polypropylene rope leash with a diameter of 6 mm is ideal for taking beautiful walks with your dog and working according to the recommendations of behaviorists (with PAWSethic for example)

Equipped with an air chamber that allows you, in addition to avoiding burning your little hands, to send precise indications to the dog in a gentle way in combination with the correct use of your body language, such as changes of direction or the request to slow down, as seen in sessions with PAWSethic

The material of the rope allows resistance to dirt and can go in the water without any problem.

Since the leash is handmade it may differ slightly from the photos, no two leashes will ever be the same.

The rope size is 5.5 meters or 10 meters.

If you want a smaller size do not hesitate to mention it in the additional information

It is customizable in carabiner color; chrome, gold or rose gold.

Maintenance ; hand clean only in lukewarm water.

Nothing is indestructible, once you have received your order you are responsible for its use. The buyer accepts all responsibilities for the use of his order. Oh my dog ​​is not responsible for any damage that its use may cause.

If you wish to order several different leashes you must first choose the personalization for a first leash, add it to the basket and then repeat for the other leash(s)