Sunflower leash

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leash love Saori laisse couleurs été

Normal leash:

The leash is made of 100% cotton fabric, a carabiner and measures 1.5 meters.

Multi-position leash:

The leash is made up of two carabiners and is handmade with love in our workshop in Belgium.

The leash measures 2 meters at the largest (possible variation of 2-3 cm depending on the cut) and 2.5 cm wide.

With the multi-position leash you can in no time choose to shorten or lengthen it at any time, you can choose to put it on a short leash, on a medium leash, on a shoulder leash, on a long leash, attached to your belt or even if you have two dogs.

To ensure the longest possible life and easier cleaning, the fabric is waterproofed to protect it from water and stains as much as possible, you can waterproof it again if necessary or after washing.

Machine wash in a net at 30 degrees maximum.